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Keurig K475 Coffee Maker Black and Keurig 119367 2.0 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee...

Price: $500

Keurig K475 Single Serve Programmable K Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12 oz brew...

Price: $361.48
Total Jerk Move?: Keurig's Next Coffee Maker Will Only Use Proprietary K-Cups
Keurig, maker of those single-serving coffee machines, has revealed that their next-generation devices will not work with any pods or K-Cups that are not "licensed." In other words: Keurig is adding DRM to its coffee! According to Keurig's CEO, this is.
Jenn-Air, Keurig to Partner on Single-Cup Coffee Maker
Maytag brand Jenn-Air(R) has announced a partnership with Keurig, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of single-cup coffee brewers. as well as premium major appliance retailers. "The recent trend of single-serve coffee makers for the home is taking hold across.
Can you descale a Keurig coffee maker with white vinegar?
A Keurig coffee maker can be descaled using white vinegar, which removes a majority of the limescale that builds up inside the machine. Limescale typically builds up inside a coffee maker's heating elements and tubing after repeated use, increasing the.
How does the Keurig B60 coffee maker compare to the other brands?
The Keurig B60 compares somewhat favorably to other brands of coffee makers. For instance, it makes high-quality tea or drip coffee, although another brand makes better lattes and espresso-based beverages. uses a pod instead of disposable K-Cups.
AB InBev and Keurig to develop alcoholic drinks dispenser for the home
LONDON (Reuters) - Brewer Anheuser Busch InBev (AB InBev) and coffee maker Keurig Green Mountain have teamed up to develop a countertop appliance that could dispense alcoholic drinks in the home. will be at the Garden Friday (7:30 p.m., CSNNE) and.
Move over Keurig, a 1945 Kwik-Drip coffee maker brings some Zen to weekend brew
Those who know me well know that I never go anywhere without my single-serve personal coffee maker. I have two of the pretentious little things, actually. One at home and one at work. They take expensive little “kups” sold in designer-looking packages.
The 'Keurig' for baby food, and other knockoffs
Nearly two decades later, Keurig racks up about $4 billion in annual sales, and the brand has become synonymous with in-home coffee makers. Keurig's 'K-Cup' system -- basically individually filled coffee pods -- eliminated. for baby food Put your.
Keurig Is Planning to Make Coffee Machines That Only Work With Officially Licensed “Pods”
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are not content to have a single-serving Keurig coffee machine in every home and. to these pods (also known as K-cups), but their patent on the design expired back in 2012. Since then, other beverage and food companies.
Finally a K Cup replacement that works- Ekobrew!!
Electric coffee grinder buying tipsI, like everyone that I talk to that uses a Keurig single cup coffee maker, really enjoy the coffee that the system makes. The flip side of having a fresh cup of coffee every time you use it, is that the K-cups are costly. If you drink alot of coffee, it would be easy to go through a box of K-cups every couple of days. It gets to the point that you get self-conscience with every cup. I know I did. So here you are with a nice coffee maker and you feel guilty every time you make a cup of coffee. You also feel guilty when you don't use it as the coffee maker isn't cheap.Well, I found the answer. Trust me when I say this, I REALLY researched this. Trial and error, trying different modifications, techniques and I could never reproduce favorful coffee that the K-cup would produce. The attempts would be too weak or overflow while brewing.The Ekobrew DOES WORK!! Amazing really that something so simple can re-create the same or better quality brewed coffee as the expensive K-cups. Alot of simple things allow this to work. On most of my homemade attempts, I found that the coffee grounds would not be fully saturated and that the water from the Keurig would go through the center of the grounds only. Now keep in mind, this was

Offers a home and commercial single-cup coffee brewing systems plus brand name coffees and teas.

Coffee Pause
Office coffee provider with coffees from around the world and the Keurig One Cup at a time brewing system.