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TOP QUALITY SET ! Early Louis XV Signed Commode Mirror 2x Cadelabra Large Vase.

Price: $185,000

Complete Set ! Large 18thC Vase, Signed Louis XV Commode, Candelabra, Mirror

Price: $185,000

19C Art Nouveau Marjorelle Mirror/Display Matched Cabinets w/ Sienna Marble

Price: $50,000


Price: $43,725.50

Enormous Carved Oak and Granite Fireplace Mantel with Mirror from Belgium #7713

Price: $35,000

Neoclassical Large Gilt Wood Mirror Glass Painting Italy 18th Century

Price: $33,375

19C Gothic Fantasy Venetian Carved Dragon/Gargoyle/Griffin/Cherub/Nymph Mirror

Price: $33,000


Price: $30,000
Los Angeles,CA,USA

30" Bronze Silver Gold Dynasty Myth phoenix Bird Ancient Wall hanging Mirror

Price: $29,800

Antique Hand Crafted Persian Gold Mirror, 19th c.

Price: $28,000

Antique French Louis XV 10 ft 8" Tall Carved Walnut Étagère Entry Mirror C1870

Price: $24,500

Antique Hand Carved Normandy Armoire Country French Beveled Mirrors Circa 1780

Price: $24,500

19C Venetian Carved Walnut Demon/Satyr/Faun/Cherub/Gargoyle Fantasy Wall Mirror

Price: $25,000

Chinese Bronze Mirror 4 T Shan, Warring States

Price: $25,000
Clearwater Beach,FL,USA

Genuine Cosmic TLV Chinese convex Bronze Mirror Han Dynasty, 206BC-220AD

Price: $25,000
Clearwater Beach,FL,USA

19C French Fantasy Mirror Carved Eagle/Gargoyle/Masks

Price: $20,000

19C Venetian Gothic Carved Walnut Cherub/Satyr/Gargoyle/Mask Monumental Mirror

Price: $20,000

Chinese Square Bronze Mirror with 4 Shan (T) shapes, Warring States (480-221 BC)

Price: $20,000
Clearwater Beach,FL,USA

1800's French Louis XVI marquetry oak dining room dresser marble top, mirror

Price: $20,000

Antique Oak Mercury Figural Hall tree with Mirror and Coat Hooks

Price: $18,500

17Th Century Starburst

Price: $16,500
Port Saint Lucie,FL,USA

c1815 American Giltwood & Parcel-Ebonised Convex Girandole Convex Mirror

Price: $16,250
Saint Louis,MO,USA

Superb Louis MAJORELLE France Art Nouveau Wall Console Mirror La VIGNE Chateau

Price: $15,500

Entrance Painted Carved Wood Barbola Marble Table with Mirror

Price: $15,000
Mirror, mirror
In 2009, Rowena dislikes the image of her slack, aging body in a full-length silver mirror in her bedroom on Malta, the island given to the Knights Hospitaller by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Spain for. who buys valuable antiques and sells them.
MIRROR, MIRROR Student Production to Play The Unicorn Theatre, 4/14-15
Tickets to Mirror. and the struggle of the high school experience. Director Caroline Sprague says, "Mirror, Mirror is the culmination of my internship with Berkshire Theatre Group, as well as my first shot at directing a show independently.
Antiques & Collectibles: Reader's antique mirror is an English treasure
Antiques & Collectibles: Reader's antique mirror is an English treasure By ALYCE HAND BENHAM, For The Press The Press of Atlantic City Question: The heirloom, easel-type mirror shown in my photo is 11 inches high, 8 1/2 inches wide and may be sterling silver.
STALLARD: Mirror, mirror, glassy pants on fire
So go on ahead with yourself, mirror, mirror. Tell me I’m old. Tell me I’m looking more like an antique than a sportified roadster. Keep thinking you’re winning by pointing out the obvious. Just don’t try telling me my best days are behind me.
A Mirror for a Mirror: Russian Road Justice [Video]
... rip the mirror of anther truck, to which the other trick drive responds by taking his mirror. They then throw the mirrors at each other. What gives? Maybe they didn't like their new mirrors. The way the Russians do parts exchange is kind of different.
Cups Shaving, Mustache Cups, Mugs Razor, Razor Boxes, Mustache Spoons, Carr China
Antiques Vintage Collectibles, Shaving Mirror, Art Deco Art Nouveau Shaving Mirror/Stand ~ Early 20th century heavy spelter freestanding adjustable shaving mirror with original mirrored glass from an old San Francisco estate / Paris Boutique Hotel
Silverplate Elephant Cheval Mirror Vanity Accessories
6 1/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches tall. The actual oval mirror is about 3 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches. The backside of the mirror is blue, but the front is the mirror with no damage. It does not photograph We can ship for $10 with tracking in the US, included in.
ANTIQUES; To Reflect On Or Simply To Admire
Antique mirror. and art. Her dazzling research takes in Plato, Aristotle, St. Paul, Dante, Descartes, Rabelais, Rousseau, Proust and Lewis Carroll. Today the mirror may lack its former mystical significance, but it is no less prized for its decorative.
How to Refinish a Mirror
Mirrors can be both functional and beautiful home decor assets. Over time, wear and tear on a mirror's frame or surface can occur. Instead of throwing out an old mirror and buying a brand new one, owners can learn simple techniques for mirror refinishing. In addition, shoppers can often find bargains on used mirrors and refurbish them to create a low-cost decorative accent. Shoppers can find new mirrors at various local retailers and scour consignment shops for vintage mirrors in need of minor repair. However, for a great selection of mirrors and all the tools needed to keep them looking their best, shoppers can turn to eBay. Steps to Refinish a Mirror When considering how to improve the look of a mirror, owners need to determine if they want to refinish the mirror frame or its reflective surface. The process and tools required for each approach are very different. Refinishing a Mirror Frame The first step in refinishing a mirror frame is to remove the mirror, if possible. If this cannot happen, owners should cover the mirror surface with newspaper to protect it. Next, owners should apply a chemical solvent, such as a

Williams Antique and Reproduction Mirrors
Antique mirror specialist with a selection of genuine English and Continental mirrors. Also antique mirror restoration and mirror reproductions made.

Mirror Matter: The Invisible Universe
Provides information on this theory which asserts that each type of fundamental particle has a "twin brother". Ordinary photons, for example, can interact with ordinary electrons, but never with mirror electrons or mirror photons.