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1889-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64 PCGS - SKU#161571

Price: $121,426.08

1884-S Morgan Dollar MS-63+ PCGS CAC - SKU#158254

Price: $87,911.49

1894-O Morgan Dollar MS-65 NGC - SKU#159904

Price: $55,515.64

1889-CC Morgan Dollar MS-61 DMPL PCGS - SKU#154638

Price: $39,890.64

1894 US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS65

Price: $35,865
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1889-CC US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS AU58

Price: $18,315
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1891 Morgan Dollar PF-67 Cameo NGC - SKU#163444

Price: $17,390.63

1878 Morgan Dollar 7/8TF VAM 44 MS61 PCGS Mint State 61 Silver

Price: $15,000
Los Alamitos,CA,USA

1893-CC US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS64

Price: $14,555
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1879-O US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS66

Price: $14,555
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1888-O Morgan Dollar VAM 1B Scarface MS63 PCGS Mint State 63 Silver

Price: $14,500
Los Alamitos,CA,USA

1879-CC US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS64+ - CAC

Price: $14,015
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1894-O Morgan Dollar MS-64 PCGS CAC - SKU#81973

Price: $13,328.13

1879-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64 PCGS (CAC) - SKU#81381

Price: $11,609.38

1897-O US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - NGC MS64

Price: $11,325
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1896-S US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS65

Price: $10,645
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1893 Morgan Dollar MS65 PCGS/CAC

Price: $9,700
Los Alamitos,CA,USA

1879-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64 PCGS - SKU #30370

Price: $9,265.63

Morgan Dollar Stackables by SilverTowne 1oz .999 Silver Medallion (500pc)

Price: $9,040.83

Box of 500 Bars Highland Mint 1 Oz .999 Silver Morgan Dollar Design Bar SKU37801

Price: $8,995

Monster Box of 500 - Morgan Dollar Design Sunshine 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver Round

Price: $8,938
New York,NY,USA

FIVE HUNDRED (500) 1 oz. Silver Round - Sunshine Morgan - .999 Fine

Price: $8,899.49
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

FIVE-HUNDRED (500) 1 oz. Silver Round - A-Mark Morgan Stackable .999 AMARK

Price: $8,811.86
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

Monster Box of 500 - 1 oz Morgan Silver Round .999 Silver (25 Lot,Tube of 20)

Price: $8,801.35
New York,NY,USA
Morgan Dollar, 1893-S
More There are at least 25 rare quarters that you should be looking to place into. Coin Collection, Gold And Silver Coins, Coins Paper Money, Silver Dollar, Morgan, American Coins, Currency Morgan silver dollar coins produced by the Unites States.
Coins eclipse papers in auction
Overall, the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio Auctions held April 1-4 in Hong Kong offered Chinese coins and provincial issues as well as modern Chinese coins and paper money from the Wa. Morgan, designer of the Morgan dollar, dated March 26, 1921 and.
“Only Money Outside Of the Matrix" Will Survive ...
Morgan warns about the importance of owning physical gold coins and bars rather than paper. money outside of the matrix, only money outside of the system and only money throughout 5,000 years of history that people trust … ” 25 May: USD 1,220.75.
Gold and Silver “Bottom Is In” – David Morgan tells Max Keiser
“Gold and silver bottom is in”, renowned silver analyst David Morgan tells Max Keiser. economy. Morgan warns about the importance of owning physical gold coins and bars rather than paper or digital proxies for bullion and money.
The Hobby of Kings
This may include deciding your favorite coin series, whether it be gold coins, Lincoln Cents, Morgan Dollars, Error Coins, State Quarters, foreign coins, tokens, or paper money. Many non-collectors. It was such a thrill for us to see something old.
Is a micro Morgan dollar a replica?
Also note that coins aren't printed. They're struck or minted. When dealing with money, printing refers only to paper. With the date of 1855 it's not a Morgan dollar that series started in 1878. The coin is a Seated Liberty dollar (1840-1873) circulated.
Research Shows ALL Fiat Paper Money Systems Eventually Fail
Courtesy of Vince Cate for the incredibly valuable research and David Morgan who referred us to the research materials. to entirely cut the tie between the paper money (bank notes and regular coins) and its gold backing, as announced at this point.
US Coins
Most kids start with coins of circulation—I had albums for Jefferson nickels, Lincoln pennies and Roosevelt dimes. I started with Morgan and. the years—from ancients to metals to tokens to paper money. I learn as much as I can, but usually…
What is a 'Chapman Proof'?
Those 1921 Morgan dollar Proofs supposedly struck for coin dealer Henry Chapman. These have cameo devices and deeply mirrored surfaces like most Morgan dollar Proofs. (George Morgan did bill Henry Chapman for 10 Proof Morgan dollars in 1921. Possibly, more coins from these dies were struck for others as there apparently more known than ten.)

Ecuador coins, paper money and phonecards
Ecuadorian old coins, paper money and phonecards - English version.

Joel Anderson: World coins
An offering of world coins and paper money and associated catalogs. Interesting list of bi-metallic coins for sale, with some scans.