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1889-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64 PCGS - SKU#161571

Price: $121,426.08

1803 $10 Turban Head Gold Eagle MS-63 PCGS (14 Star Reverse) - SKU#156723

Price: $118,519.83

1795 $5 Capped Bust Gold Half Eagle MS-62 PCGS - SKU#162338

Price: $109,853.16

1907 $10 Indian Gold Eagle MS-65 PCGS (Wire Edge) - SKU#156726

Price: $94,786.49

1921 $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle AU-58 PCGS CAC - SKU#158274

Price: $89,630.24

1884-S Morgan Dollar MS-63+ PCGS CAC - SKU#158254

Price: $87,911.49

1806 $5 Capped Bust Gold Half Eagle Pntd 6, 8x5 Stars MS-64 PCGS - SKU#155334

Price: $78,536.48

1907 US Gold $20 High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagle - Flat Edge - PCGS MS66

Price: $66,495
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1929 US Gold $5 Indian Head Half Eagle - PCGS MS64+ - CAC

Price: $65,965
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1920-S $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle AU-58+ PCGS CAC - SKU#159905

Price: $52,078.14

1915 US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle - PCGS MS67

Price: $50,305
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1907 US Gold $20 High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagle - Wire Rim - PCGS MS65

Price: $42,365
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1889-CC Morgan Dollar MS-61 DMPL PCGS - SKU#154638

Price: $39,890.64

1894 US Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - PCGS MS65

Price: $35,865
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1810 US Gold $5 Capped Bust Half Eagle - Large Date, Large 5 - PCGS MS64

Price: $31,955
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1837 US Gold $5 Classic Head Half Eagle - PCGS MS64

Price: $31,585
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1855 US Gold $10 Liberty Head Eagle SS Central America Wass Molitor PCGS AU55

Price: $29,500
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar AU-55 PCGS (Overton 105a) - SKU#159906

Price: $28,915.63

1937-D US Buffalo Nickel 5C - Three Legged - PCGS MS65

Price: $27,925
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

1901 $2.50 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle PR-66 DCAM PCGS - SKU#159890

Price: $27,750.01

1856-S US Gold $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle - PCGS MS64+

Price: $27,500
Huntington Beach,CA,USA

Maryland Lord Baltimore Shilling XF-40 PCGS

Price: $26,088.55

1800 $10 Draped Bust Gold Eagle AU-53 PCGS - SKU#155325

Price: $25,463.55

1801 US Gold $10 Capped Bust Eagle - PCGS AU58

Price: $24,635
Huntington Beach,CA,USA
PCGS to Display Nova Constellatio Coins at Chicago ANA Money Show
The unique silver 1000 Units, PCGS Proof 65+. Three of the four coins in the set trace their pedigrees back to Charles Thomson, the Secretary of the Continental Congress, according to PCGS President Don Willis. Willis said that all four had once.
PCGS Exhibit, PNG Seminar Highlight September Long Beach Expo
"The PCGS display will showcase an assortment of fake Chinese coins and the dies used for making some of them that were sold on the Internet or offered at souvenir shops and street fairs in Hong Kong," said. rare coins, paper money, stamps, postcards.
Stack’s Bowers Baltimore Auction Offers US Coins from Top Collections
Selections from the Anne Kate Collection, a small yet significant offering of condition rarity Morgan silver dollars, boast an 1892-S graded MS-67 by PCGS and an 1893-O graded MS-65, also by PCGS. U.S. gold. of rare coins and paper money.
Scotsman to auction coins, paper money Oct. 5
Scotsman’s Collectors’ Auction 2012 offers a mixture of U.S. coins, world coins and paper money. Reverse gold $20 double eagle, certified “Genuine” by PCGS (Lot 972); and an 1839 Gobrecht dollar pattern restrike, Judd-104 (United States Pattern.
Coin Price Guides
Below are links to several Price Guides that will give you a general idea of what your coins are worth in today’s market: The PCGS Price Guide prices apply only to PCGS-graded coins. Coins that do not meet the PCGS grading standards may be less, and in.
1971-D Eisenhower Dollar PCGS MS-65
Our company maintains one of the largest rare coin and obsolete paper money inventories in the world. We offer a diverse selection of U.S., world, and ancient coins as well as U.S. and Confederate paper money - all at very competitive prices.
PCGS-Certified Coins in Spotlight At 2013 ANA World’s Fair of Money
Chicago area news media have eagerly done stories about PCGS-certified coins prominently exhibited at the 2013 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in suburban Rosemont, Illinois. The news media coverage began during dealer set-up on.
$10 Liberty Gold Eagle MS-64 PCGS
American Gold coins struck before 1933 are some of the most rare, desirable and beautiful in the world. From Liberty Head Gold $1 coins. of circulation and almost all Gold was exchanged for paper money. Exceptions were made for collector coins and.
I keep reading comments about PCGS coins are a better investment than NGC coins. With my 36 years buying coins this is not alway true. "YES" you might have to pay more for PCGS coins going in cause less are graded, but when selling these same coins in a market thats not so "HOT",the values receved are the same rather there PCGS or NGC.The same is true for international coins as well. This information should be considered if paying higher values for PCGS vs NGC if your investing in "RARE COINS".

Ecuador coins, paper money and phonecards
Ecuadorian old coins, paper money and phonecards - English version.

R & M World Coins
Selling World Coins, US, Canadian, and foreign coins. Certified Coins, PCGS, ICCS, NGC, ANACS and PCI. Rare and scarce popular world coins.