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Stokke Xplory Stroller & Stokke XPLORY Carry Cot Complete Kit in Beige color

Price: $855

Stokke STOKKE® Sleepi™ Bed Extension

Price: $399

Stokke STOKKE® Home™ Cradle

Price: $359

Stokke STOKKE® Home™ Changing Tray

Price: $249

Stokke STOKKE® Home™ Colgate 5" Crib Mattress

Price: $199

Stokke STOKKE® Sleepi™ Colgate Crib Mattress

Price: $199

Stokke STOKKE® Sleepi™ 1" Mini Crib Mattress

Price: $109

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair, Hazy Grey

Price: $178.49
Kansas City,MO,USA
Another Stokke debut: the 2016 Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier!
2016 has been an exciting year for Stokke so far, and the fun isn’t over: on May 1, you can get the newest version of the well-loved Stokke MyCarrier! The “Holy Grail of baby carriers” was already winning accolades for its thoroughly adjustable.
Stokke Introduces the New Stokke Steps
The new Stokke Steps builds upon the same “grow with child philosophy” made famous by the Tripp Trapp, with a unique ability to bring baby to the family table from day one. I had a chance to speak with Charlotte Addison, of Stokke, about the modular.
Stokke MyCarrier – new 3-in-1 baby carrier
Here’s a brand new product from baby design house extraordinaire, Stokke!The Stokke MyCarrier is the freshest baby carrier on the scene and will most certainly steal the hearts of many a parent with it’s three-in-one capability and good looks.
Stokke Debuts Stokke Steps ~ All-in-One seating system
Complete with a 5-point harness and toy bar, this seat is both portable and ergonomic for baby. Using two clips the lounger can then be fastened onto the Stokke Steps chair, enabling the infant to be close to their parents during feeding time. When your.
Infant Stokke 'Crusi' Stroller, Size One Size - Black
With roomy dimensions, large storage space, and unrivaled suspension, the Stokke Crusi stroller takes comfort to new heights. Lifting your baby higher, Stokke Crusi offers a wide range of configurations to adapt to you and your baby's ever-changing needs.
Baby Carrier - Stokke review - and what have you got?
I love the look, feel and proposed functionality of the Stokke baby carrier! (From birth to 3 years and how it can be used 3 ways) It's a little dearer than some of the others but I've found one on sale that is about 70 bucks less than the RRP. I'm.
Leander Cot versus Stokke Sleepi
With two such great beds, which one to choose for your baby? The Leander Baby Bed vs Stokke Sleepi – which one is the best bed for you? The Leander Baby and Junior Bed Danish Stig Leander found the inspiration to design a cot when a family member.
Giveaway Spotting: Stokke Baby Xplory Stroller
I’ve been touting the incredible qualities of the STOKKE Xplory stroller for months now- so much so that I. Did I mention this contraption adjusts like crazy to easily fit until baby is three years old? You can forget about upgrading to a new.
Baby Bath Seat Safety Tips
If you have a little one then you are probably like most parents and are thrilled when your baby is big enough to to sit in a baby seat in the bathtub. It is so much easier then trying to hold and bathe a slippery baby! Bath seats to require some extra safety vigilance. Follow these tips to ensure that your baby suds up safely: 1. Never leave your infant's side - even for a second! Within arms reach is the maximum recommended distance! 2. Don't multitask while you are in the bathroom with your baby! Focus entirely on your little one! 3. Use as little water as possible! About an inch of water is enough to clean your baby and allow them to have fun splashing! 4. Stop using the seat as soon as your baby tries to climb out of it or becomes to big to fit inside it comfortably. If you follow these simple tips then your babies bathtime will be a safe and fun time!

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