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1971 Studebaker Avanti II 1971 Studebaker Avanti, Rock Stars Project Car 350 V8 Lots of parts included

Price: $9,900
Me and My Car: Orinda man loves 1915 Studebaker Model SF
In 1915, when Studebaker manufactured this vehicle, there were already about 195,000 Studebaker cars and trucks on the road. Studebaker was considered one of the most-advanced cars in the domestic market, yet the company, because the European countries.
Return of Studebaker cars and trucks? (Photos)
A friend of mine sent me a link to a recent news article talking about the return of the Studebaker Car Company. Say what? My first reaction to a new Studebaker.
Studebaker Drivers Club meet begins Sunday
SOUTH BEND — Starting this weekend, Studebaker cars, trucks and other vehicles will be a common sight around town. More than 2,000 people are registered to participate in the Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet, which starts Sunday and will last.
101 Cars: Studebaker Golden Hawk
Like American Motors during the 1960s and 1970s, Studebaker was always a company that had to do more with less. While Chevrolet introduced its two-seater Corvette in 1953, and Ford came to market with the Thunderbird in 1955, Studebaker couldn't afford its.
Orphan car series. Part Two: Studebaker
When you say the word Studebaker, most people instantly think about the 1950 bullet nose Stude. But the history of Studebaker starts nearly 100 years before that famous car was built. Ulysses S. Grant owned a 6 horsepower Studebaker in 1873.
Classic car showcase: Studebaker Hawks
of other models. As befits the most expensive of the line, the Golden Hawk was loaded with equipment and power. Studebaker Corp. and Packard Motor Car Co. had merged in 1954 to form Studebaker-Packard Corp., and along with its cars and a grand old name.
The Studebaker Wagonaire And GMC Envoy Offer Sliding Roof Fun
But the Envoy is a mashup of the entire GM Truck parts bin. There are only two cars in history to offer such a feature – the Studebaker Wagonaire and the GMC Envoy XUV, but both can be had on eBay for under $14,000.P The Studebaker debuted in 1963.
History of Chevy Trucks: Building America for 95 years
Chevy trucks. cars and trucks for decades to come. By the mid-1930s, half-ton pickups with factory-installed steel boxes had become the lifeblood of the truck market, with brands like Mack, Studebaker, Reo, and International competing with Chevy, GMC.
STUDEBAKER: Brief Production and UAW-CIO Union History
Studebaker was the only nationally-known wagon manufacturer to survive the transition from horses to horsepower. In the early 1930's, during the Depression, the First was passed, allowing Labor Unions to organize. The workers at Studebaker were among the first automobile companies to organize into an Industrial Union -- becoming Federated Labor Union 18310 under the American Federation of Labor (AFL). During the organization of the UAW and the CIO in 1935, the Studebaker Union became Local No. 5, UAW-CIO. [If you're a fan of Studebaker or Trade Union memorabilia, one interesting bit of history is a WWII STUDEBAKER UNION AGREEMENT from 1944. Known as the UAW-CIO Local #5 AGREEMENT Between THE STUDEBAKER CORPORATION (South Bend, Indiana) And The INTERNATIONAL UNION UNITED AUTOMOBILE, AIRCRAFT And AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS OF AMERICA (U.A.W - C.I.O., Local No. 5), it was accepted on December 8, 1944.] The Agreement in full is a large document, but of course, the union provided an easy-to-carry, 34-page pocket-sized edition. STUDEBAKER: Beginning as a family-owned company, the Studebaker brothers built wagons and coaches successfully for fifty years until a quiet coup in 1902 ended family control and enabled Studebaker to risk building automobiles as well. Studebaker was the only nationally-known wagon manufacturer to survive the transition from horses to horsepower. It stubbornly survived for sixty years as an automobile manufacturer against growing competitive odds, becoming the next-to-last smallest U.S. automaker to surrender to the "Big Three" of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Studebaker Corporation, or simply Studebaker, was a United States wagon and automobile manufacturer based in South Bend,

Studebaker Highspeed Motors
Studebaker dealer of the 30s-40s models, specializing in cars, parts, and supplies.

The Antique Studebaker Club Inc.
Magazine, articles with photos of cars and contact.