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Barigo Captain Series Barometer/Thermometer - Brass & Mahogany - 6" Dial

Price: $390.50

Original Drink Nehi Tin Metal Advertising Sign, Soda Pop Bottle

Price: $495
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Vintage Thermometer, French Thermometer, Black Thermometer, French Decor, Collectible Thermometer. long all together Massey Ferguson Antique Thermometer (1960 Vintage Metal Advertising Thermometers, Farm, Tractor) Bond Bread Antique Thermometer.
Meet the Thermometer Man
Porter has earned the nickname “The Thermometer Man. his extensive thermometer collection to the National Weather Museum, in Penn State. Most of his collection has already been moved there, but he still keeps a few of his beloved collectibles.
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Mercury Outboard Motors Antique Thermometer (Boat Engine Sales & Service Vintage Advertising Thermometers) Vintage Thermometer, French Thermometer, Black Thermometer, French Decor, Collectible Thermometer, 1950's decor by FrenchCandy on Etsy
World's Only Thermometer Museum
More from Neatorama reader Rich B's Great American Roadtrip [Flickr photoset]: here's the world's only Thermometer Museum in Onset. South America and Africa. Some of his collectibles include a model woman's shoe with a miniature thermometer sewn.
Pepsi Thermometer Not A Hot Item Rinker On Collectibles
The second edition of Warman's Americana & Collectibles values the same thermometer at $125. Corvina, CA 91722) and advertising in its Q - My wife and her aunt, who lives in California, are assembling a collection of eyewash cups.
1943 Advertising Thermometer/Calendar SAILOR SILHOUETTE
Collectible Thermometer/Calendar, Moreland, Ky/1957 Vintage Thermometer-Calendar - Ohio River Gravel Co. Nice Vintage Glass Thermometer/Calendar North Dakota Vintage Advertising Thermometer/Calendar Silhouette
Lot of Tobacciana Collectibles and Advertising
A lot of vintage tobacciana collectibles that includes a Marlboro man resin advertising thermometer sign, a tin Camel cigarettes thermometer sign, and a Royal Crown Cola tin thermometer advertising sign. Also includes a lot of unopened Camel advertising.
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Wooden Thermometer,Soviet Era,retro,ussr,collectibles by BackToUSSR on Etsy Vintage 1950s Abalone Pearl thermometer Louisiana souvenir by jltstudio on Etsy
Motorcycle clock and thermometer mounting options
Nothing is more frustrating (and dangerous) as trying to see what time it is while you are riding your motorcycle. trying to ride with one hand on the throttle as we attempt to lift up the sleeve or our jacket to see our wristwatch. Or worse yet, fumbling to get at your cell phone while riding, just so you can check the time. What is needed is a high quality, intelligently located and easy to see motorcycle mounted clock! (the tiny digital units that come from the factory on some bikes are next to useless because you have to be stopped long enough to stare at it before you can see the time. Certainly not something you want to do while you are motoring down the road at 100 feet per second! RIDERS specializes in manufacturing CNC-Machined billet clock and thermometer mounts for motorcycles, ATV's. watercraft, hot rods, boats etc.. The purpose of this guide is to help you determine what style of mount best suits your particular vehicle. If you are riding a large displacement motorcycle, our recommendation is to consider our handlebar mounted clock and thermometer kits. These gorgeous billet mounts look good all by themselves, or in a pair with matching clock and thermometers. Another option for the large motorcycle cruiser segment is our Windshield mounted clock and thermometer kits. These kits install on ANY motorcycle with a windshield and they position the gauges directly facing the operator for an unobstructed view.

Who Invented the Thermometer?
Timeline showing the development of the thermometer from Galileo to Kelvin.

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