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1985 Toyota Supra P-Type TOYOTA Celica Supra MKII 1985 2.8L MA67

Price: $6,100
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New Toyota chairman wants Supra-type sports car
Once upon a time, Toyota used to build rather exciting sports cars. The AE86 Trueno, the Celica and especially the Supra were all part of its fun-to-drive roster for decades before their untimely demise. Even to this day, the Supra remains one of the most.
Toyota’s next boss wants a Supra successor
Incoming Toyota chairman says new sports car developed with BMW should be like a Supra Talk of a new Toyota Supra dates back almost as far as when the last generation of the car, the MkIV Supra, bowed out of the market in the early part of the last decade.
Sex Pot - Toyota Supra TT
If you have to sum it up in one word, well, in a word the turbo Supra is just bad-that is, until Veilside penned a new aerodynamics design for this most brutal of Toyota sports cars. That new aero design is called Fortune 03, and it gives the Supra a new.
1982-1985 TOYOTA Celica Supra
Known as the Celica XX in Japan, the Celica Supra was heavily based on the Toyota Celica range. the Celica Supra was always more of a luxury barge than a sports car. Once popular in the ‘drift’ scene, these cars are now emerging as true classics.
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All-new Toyota Supra could be a joint BMW release
Takeshi Uchiyamada, the next Chairman for Toyota has said their next sports car should be similar to the Supra, although he did say he would like it to actually be the Supra. He did say that it is not for him to decide, but that’s what he would like to.
Report: Toyota Chairman Wants a New Supra, Which Is Coming Anyway
If Toyota’s incoming chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada has his way, though, it’s going to be the long-awaited follow up to the legendary Toyota Supra. The Supra, which started life as a high-performance version of the Toyota Celica coupe in 1979.
Used Car Buyers Guide: How to Select a Super Toyota Supra
The Toyota Supra, produced by Toyota Motor Corporation from 1978 - 2002, was a true pioneer of the car manufacturer's "firsts": the first fuel-injected Toyota, and the first Toyota to boast anti-lock brakes and a turbo-charged engine. Beginning its life as a luxury grand-touring coupe version of the Celica, the Supra eventually evolved by the 1990s to become the crown jewel of affordable, exhilarating-to-drive, high-performance sports cars. Whether in the market for a used project car, an older used custom Supra, or a newer used Supra, eBay has an assortment of Supras and Supra-related products or parts to suit every budget. What to Consider When Purchasing a Used Toyota Supra Used, sleek, rear-hatchback Toyota Supra are vehicles coveted by sports-car enthusiasts. The biggest factor to bear in mind when shopping for a used Supra on eBay is that the cars span four generations. The Mark I through Mark IV generations saw improvements and modifications to both the sport coupe's body and engine, yet Toyota never changed the Supra's front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration. The total production of the Celica Supra and the independent-model

My 1982 Toyota Celica Supra
Pictures and information on Bill Loeffler's 1982 Toyota Supra

1984 Turbo Supra
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