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Vespa scooter - 3 wheel vintage truck

Price: $34,600

Vespa Faro Basso from 1951 V32 engine

Price: $10,000

vespa allstate 1952

Price: $9,500

1965 Vespa SS180 SS 180 Scooter Rare Collectible - Runs and Drives!

Price: $5,500
New Rochelle,NY,USA

1967 Vespa Scooter Restored Vintage Motor Scooter Classic Motorscooter

Price: $3,600

2007 Vespa GT 60 Limited Edition. Very Rare-No Reserve

Price: $3,500
Mohegan Lake,NY,USA

Vespa 2010 LX 150 Special Edition Pink only 11 miles First Owner

Price: $2,800

Vespa 2009 LX150 - Red w/Tan Seat

Price: $2,750

1972 Italian Vespa GTR 125 Scooter

Price: $1,950
Hermosa Beach,CA,USA

Vespa GTS 300ie

Price: $1,605
San Antonio,TX,USA

2006 Vespa LX150 - Low Miles

Price: $1,221

Piaggio BV200 2003 FOR PARTS (New tires, brakes, battery) 200cc (Vespa) scooter

Price: $750

Vintage 1978 Piaggio Bravo Moped Original Red Paint 49cc Sold By Vespa Italy

Price: $600
HEADLINES the Vespa Store is Now Online
Vespa Store, the VESPA.COM web store in which the extraordinary. a section dedicated to the sale of accessories for the new Vespa 946, to make the most valuable scooter unique. Each accessory - from genuine leather helmet bags to the top fairing.
2013 Vespa GTS 300ie Super
Sporty and racy for the open road... The Vespa GTS 300 ie Super is the fastest most technologically advanced Vespa ever. Luxurious ride; highway power. Redefining the commuting experience. The classic, unique Vespa style is combined with a distinctly.
2013 Vespa 946
The 2013 Vespa 946 is a small scooter that was especially developed to help you. and "large body" (represented by the GTS and GTV) Vespa now sees the birth of an entirely new vehicle which, while making reference to the classical lines.
Vespa USA Unveils New Summer Clothing Line - CUTE
patches, pins, collectibles and literature, are also available at Vespa boutiques throughout the U.S. Manufactured by Piaggio in Tuscany, Italy, the Vespa was designed in 1946 by Enrico Piaggio as a solution to transportation following the destruction of.
T.A. Motorsports increases convenience
T.A. Motorsports, Inc. has been serving the powersports and lawn and garden needs of Manitowoc. T.A. Motorsports in Francis Creek sells new ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, scooters and generators from Arctic Cat, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Vespa.
2010 Vespa GTS 300
Vespa scooters, a cultUral icon, are in several ways equated to the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Piaggio is the largest manufacturer. gives a top speed of 118 km/h (about 73 mph. The GTS 250 scooter was first introduced in 2006 in Europe.
2010 Lance Cali Classic 125
Headquartered in Mira Loma, California, Lance Powersports began importing scooters manufactured in Taiwan by the Sanyang Industry Co. (SYM), a leader in scooter technology. vintage look that is reminiscent of Vespa or the Yamaha Vino.
2008 Vespa S
Italian manufacturer Piaggio, renowned for revolutionary ideas in personal transportation, announces the debut of the 2008 Vespa S, a retro-forward. leadership in the European 2 wheeler market. Its production includes scooters, motorcycles and mopeds.
Classic Scooters Vespa Gran Sport,Zundapp Bella,Heinkel
Classic Scooters This is one of many illustrated classic scooter guides I've created for the community. I hope you enjoy it. If you wish to find out more about the classic scooter art featured in this guide please click here. This guide celebrates ten classic motor scooters produced during the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to the famous names of Vespa and Lambretta, this guide covers classic scooters from Heinkel, NSU, Zundapp, BSA and Rumi. Douglas Vespa ( Rod Model ) The 125cc Douglas Vespa was a British-built version of the original Piaggio Vespa launched in 1946 in Italy. The first Vespa to be sold in Britain, the Douglas Vespa along with the Lambretta LD set the fashion for all future machines. Nicknamed the Rod Model, the 1951 scooter has a linkage of rods and bell cranks between the handlebars and its rear-mounted gearbox. This complicated arrangement was soon dropped in favour of a less expensive twin-cable mechanism. Only available in metallic green, the Douglas Vespa enjoyed huge success, attracting buyers who would never have contemplated buying a motorcycle. Rumi Formichino Launched at the Milan Fair in April 1954, the Rumi Formichino ( Little Ant ) created a good deal of excitement with its unorthodox styling and powerful 125cc engine. With a low centre of gravity and excellent weight distribution, the tiny

UK Vespa Portal
An online place for Vespa enthusiasts to share news, photos, club dates, music tastes and discuss Vespa scootering in the UK.

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